Replacing Veneers more than Once in Weybridge

If you are considering getting veneers fitted, you should do your research first, as there are quite a few on the market to choose from. The Weybridge area is served by Mulberry Dental Care based in Walton Surrey, and they can supply you with all the information you need and you should look into how long a veneer will last and what the implications are of having them replaced. Cosmetic bonding will illuminate your smile again, though being resin based, they will not have the longevity of their porcelain based cousins, but resin being ‘flexible’, it can be removed or simply touched up in the future- it’s a kind of on-going work in progress. Veneers such as Lumineers are generally designed as a quick fix: they a very thin and are simply cemented onto the surface of your teeth. They last anywhere up to 10 years, and if they need replacing (even get damaged), they are taken off and new ones attached- like resin, these veneers can also be taken off altogether. Thicker porcelain veneers however pose different questions. Again like the others, they rejuvenate and beautify your smile brilliantly, but to put these on your teeth involves the removal of the tooth’s enamel first, a process that is not reversible and so once they get damaged or reach the end of their life-span, and you have little choice- they have to be replaced in order to save the surface of the tooth below from acid attacks and bacteria.