Replace your missing teeth with a dental implant from a Kingston on Thames dentist

If you are too embarrassed to smile because of a missing tooth then a dental implant might be the solution you have been looking for. There are other options available but because of the artificial tooth supported by a dental implant, it offers the most realistic substitute for a real tooth. It also offers a greater degree of stability than other cosmetic dental procedures.

Dental implants are cylindrical or screw like devices that are anchored to the jawbone to act as a stable base for a crown. Made of titanium and other substances naturally suitable to the human body they offer a genuine substitute for a real tooth root. Implants have been around for several decades and are suitable for most adult patients. Because they are sturdy and fixed they do not have to be removed and no messy adhesive is needed. They also do not prohibit the eating of certain foods as more temporary tooth substitutes might. Also, due to their rigidity, they can help prevent the sinking damage to the facial structure that many patients who have lost teeth may suffer.

A dental implant procedure takes place in three steps. Firstly, the screw is anchored into the jawbone, with its top being just proud of the bone. This is then left to allow the gum and jaw to fuse to the implant, in a process called osseointegration. During the second process, a ‘post’ is then attached to the implant. Lastly, the dentist will attach the actual crown to the post.

Dental implants work especially well for patients who have strong jaws and gums but do require a commitment to good oral hygiene after the procedure. If successful, they do offer the most realistic alternative to having a real tooth. A Kingston on Thames dentist will be able to offer you a consultation to see if you are suitable for dental implants. And that will be a reason to smile. Call  01932 223 479 for an appointment with Dr Riten Patel.