Replace unsightly missing tooth with dental bridge from Surbiton dentist

When you have suffered the pain and misery of losing a tooth, either due to decay or infection or as the result of an accident, you may want to have the tooth replaced as soon as possible. This is often because as well as the physical trauma of losing a tooth, it can also cause emotional distress because it looks very unattractive. There are also a number of health reasons why it is important to replace missing teeth. For example, the other teeth in the dental arc can be encouraged to move and rotate if one of the teeth is missing.

One of the most common ways of replacing a missing tooth is to use a dental bridge. This involves attaching an artificial tooth, known as the pontic, to two dental crowns. These are then attached to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth creating the appearance that the pontic is your original tooth. Although a dental bridge does not replace the whole of the tooth including the root, it can still be very solid and will create the visual impression of a full set of teeth. It also means you don’t have to worry about the fuss and hassle of a plate of partial denture.

In some cases, where the teeth on either side of the gap are in very good condition, the Surbiton dentist may be slightly reluctant to remove any healthy enamel. In this case, they are able to attach the pontic only using resin-bonded strips. This is just as solid as using dental crowns but you get to keep all your original enamel.

A good dental bridge should last somewhere between ten and twenty years if well maintained. It will replace the functionality and more importantly for patients, the appearance of a full and healthy set of teeth and won’t set you back a small fortune.