Replace missing tooth with dental bridge from Shepperton dentist

Anybody who has suffered a knocked out tooth will be able to tell you the pain and discomfort that is involved. After the initial pain has worn away, you are then left with the emotional pain that can be caused by embarrassment. Having missing teeth in a smile can really affect your appearance and will make you look older and more unhealthy. It can also have a number of further dental health complications affecting the health of all the other teeth in the mouth.

Missing teeth can be replaced with a number of different dental substitutions. This could include a partial denture or dental implant but one of the most effective dental restorations is a dental bridge. A dental bridge takes the form of two dental crowns anchored to the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, to which is attached an artificial tooth, or pontic. This creates the impression that the dental arc is complete and restores the aesthetic appearance of the teeth.

There are other types of dental bridge that don’t use dental crowns. Resin bonded bridges can be used for teeth in very good condition. The pontic in this case is supported by two strips cemented to the adjacent teeth. This means there is less need for the removal of healthy enamel.

A dental bridge from a Shepperton dentist can last up to twenty years if properly maintained. It is also significantly cheaper than a dental implant, although the implant does have some advantages. Ask your dentist which dental substitute would be most suitable for your missing tooth.