Remedying Dental Cavities in Sunbury

It’s hard to believe that tooth decay is up there with flu as a disorder in the body in Sunbury, but it really is just as common. Decay is a direct result of poor oral hygiene that has allowed bacteria to form plaque around the teeth, this can happen after only 20 minutes. If left, the plaque soon turns to tartar, then gum disease and then dental cavities start to form in the teeth, due to a relentless build up of acids on the tooth’s enamel. At this stage, the damage can be stopped with a simple filling. But again, if no action is taken, the teeth and gums can suffer from periodontitis that causes deep decay inside the tooth. This will now require root canal treatment to remove the bacteria from the roots and save the tooth. More dangerously a tooth abscess can develop. These can be life threatening, as they release poison into the bloodstream that damages the brain and heart. If this has rather scared you, it was meant to. Looking after your teeth and gums should be up-most in your daily routine and there are enough plaque busting products on the market to stop dental cavities from forming. Diet should also be taken into account as starchy and sugary food and drinks are the main causes of acids around the teeth.