Quick fitting Lumineers in Sunbury

There is a wonderful ethic about how certain treatments have evolved in dentistry: take one good idea and then expand on it; take the veneer as one such example: after shaving off the tooth’s enamel, the tiny little veneer is manufactured from an imprint taken of your mouth and then cemented into place- great idea, durable and proven. Take this forward another level and you come to the Lumineer, a very thin veneer made, again from a fine, patented porcelain. This is not as durable but then it’s not designed to be, it’s designed as something for a quick fix and then thrown away or replaced. The clue there is you can reverse this technique, unlike before, because in the preparation of the fitting, the tooth’s enamel is left on and the Lumineer simply stuck over the surface. It’s not cheap to get one and costs can vary wildly, but pop to the dentists in Sunbury and ask about the treatment, because it does give your mouth back its youth quite sensationally.