Protect damaged teeth with dental crown from Sunbury dentist

Most people will have heard of dental crowns but many of those might not fully understand just how important and useful they can be. Dental crowns can protect, and in some cases save, damaged teeth and can also completely restore their appearance. New dental technology has also greatly improved the quality of dental crowns and slashed production timer to only a few hours.

So what exactly is a dental crown? In essence it is a cap usually made of ceramic, metal or a combination of the two that is fitted over an existing tooth that has suffered either structural or aesthetic damage. The crown is fixed using tooth coloured composite resin, which also adds another dimension of protection.

Crowns are used when teeth are cracked or broken due to some kind of head trauma or when the structure is undermined because of dental decay. The dentist will repair any damage as best as possible before removing some of the top layer of enamel to create room for a dental crown. Modern crowns are incredibly thin limiting the need for enamel removal, which is irreversible. The surface of the tooth is then etched to allow for greater grip before the crown is cemented over the top. A well fitting crown should cover all parts of the tooth that are proud of the gum offering complete protection from further damage and strengthening the tooth so the patient’s life is not adversely affected.

New computer technology available at Sunbury dentists has significantly improved the quality of treatment as crowns can be manufactured and designed using the amazing accuracy of three-dimensional imaging. This has also reduced appointment and treatment times for surgery making a dental crown a perfect solution to a variety of dental problems.