Porcelain Veneers; the best way forward in getting a smile makeover, says a Shepperton dentist

A Porcelain Veneer is the perfect way to achieve a long term look to your teeth, they are tailor made just for you and so they look so natural once fitted. Your dental surgery will first arrange a visit so the cosmetic dentist can take digital photos and X-rays of the teeth that need the veneers on them, says a Shepperton dentist. These are then made by a technician specifically for you and your problem. That can be a cracked; chipped of discoloured tooth, in some cases a veneer can also hide a misaligned tooth and instantly fix it. There are different thicknesses of veneer, but for a porcelain one you will generally get the thickest and most hard wearing. In order to fit it the dentist will have to skim the tooth of some natural enamel, the amount is always equal to the thickness of the veneer. Because of this once the enamel is removed, you can only ever have more veneers placed on the tooth when the veneer wears out or becomes discoloured, as they will do after around 10-15 years. The new veneer is fitted in much the same way, although instead of skimming the enamel the dentist will just remove the old veneer, and then fit a new one. There are thinner versions that require less skimming, but it really is a case of horses for courses here as the thinner veneers don`t last as long. Porcelain is a natural clay and very hard wearing, and as more people have the treatment, the quicker the price is reduced. With a method called CEREC it is now possible to have a veneer made and fitted in one sitting, in around an hour or more.