Patient-friendly Damon braces from Kingston upon Thames dentist

Damon braces are the latest development in fixed orthodontic teeth straightening providing fast and low friction straightening with a greater degree of comfort. Damon braces use the latest self-ligating wires to reduce the physical impact on the patient’s mouth and also reduce the number of appointments needed at the dentists. The Damon treatment also lasts on average four to six months less than conventional orthodontic straightening.

The self-ligating wires mean that there is no need for elastic or metal ties, which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and irritate the soft tissue of the lips and gums. Because Damon brackets are smaller it also means that teeth are much easier to clean during treatment, a major concern when wearing traditional braces.

The smaller brackets used with the Damon treatment combined with the use of tooth coloured and see-through plastic make the Damon brace far more discreet than many other fixed metal braces. In fact, the majority of the bracket is manufactured from reinforced ceramic material making it durable, resistant to staining and hardly noticeable unless standing very close to the patient.

Crucially though, the Damon system will involve no extractions or palate expanders prior to treatment as it aims to produce a natural and healthy looking full smile at the end. This greatly reduces the levels of discomfort experienced by patients, as anyone who has undergone a tooth extraction will tell you.

The Damon brace represents the first legitimate attempt to make fixed metal braces fit around the life of the patient rather than the other way round. Great care and attention has been taken to reduce the level of discomfort and visual impact yet still to produce beautiful teeth at the end of treatment. Ask a Kingston upon Thames dentist about Damon braces and you could straighten your teeth with the minimum of pain and fuss.