Painless visits to Weybridge dentist using laser dentistry

Laser dentistry allows dentists to perform many dental procedures with a greater degree of control and accuracy. The precision of a laser enables the dentist to control the exact power output and duration of exposure to the tissue. This means a specific area can be targeted without any damage being sustained by surrounding areas. This has done a great deal to limit the amount of pain felt by patients in dental operations and has assuaged the anxieties of others. If you suffer from a fear of the dentist it is recommended you see a dentist with laser technology who can minimise pain and recovery times.

Minimal pain is just one of the significant benefits that lasers have brought to dental surgery. The risk of post-procedural infection is greatly reduced because the high-intensity light of the laser sterilizes the area where it is working. The light beam also inhibits blood loss during procedures as it acts as a coagulating agent on the exposed blood vessels. This also allows wounds to heal faster and tissues to regenerate quicker, greatly reducing the recovery time for patients. Because of the accuracy of lasers, certain procedures will not require anesthetics, and certain soft-tissue lasers have eliminated the need for stitches.

Lasers can be used for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Hard tissue involves treatment of the teeth themselves in processes such as cavity detecting and dental bonding. Soft tissue surgery involves using the laser to repair and restructure gum tissue.

Laser dentistry has opened the door for dentists to perform many treatments, that were previously though incredibly difficult or even impossible, with relative ease. This has reduced the need for repeat visits and reduced waiting times for other patients. More and more dentists are being introduced to the innovative and exciting world of laser dentistry. Find out if your dentist in Weybridge is using lasers and remove the pain and anxiety from your next trip to the dentist.