Painless dentistry with Waterlase from Weybridge dentists

For many years people have been put off going to the dentist by the thought of having to undergo a procedure involving the dreaded dentists’ drill. Patients often experienced discomfort and unpleasant sensations as a result of the drill vibrations. Increasingly however, dental practices are putting an end to all this by using the incredible painless methods offered by Waterlase practices

Waterlase harnesses the power of targeted jets of water to achieve many of the results that used to require a drill. Waterlase can be used for cavity protection, caries removal and a number of gum procedures.

The benefits to patients – especially those who are anxious about drills – are immense. There are no more unpleasant vibrations caused by the drill. What’s more drills had a tendency to overheat during procedures which could cause discomfort in the mouth. Waterlase uses jets of cold water, which provides patients with a much more comfortable experience.

Waterlase uses laser technology working in combination with water. The laser that is emitted energizes the water and allows it to cut teeth. This makes it far more efficient than many traditional methods as lasers can be more effectively targeted than many drills.

Speak to your Weybridge dentist today if you have a problem with caries or require a procedure that normally would require a drill to be used. If your dentist is registered with Waterlase then you might be able to experience the incredible painless dentistry that this revolutionary technique makes possible. Worrying about the drill is truly becoming a thing of the past.