Oral Hygiene and its importance in our dental routine, by a Worcester Park dentist

Oral Hygiene advice is free, and anyone who ignores it does so at their own peril. It is a tried and tested preventative way of keeping our mouths, teeth and gums free from early decay and disease, says a Worcester Park dentist. Flossing is something that most people over look, yet it is so important in the prevention of all problems our teeth encounter. Flossing will remove most of the food particles trapped in between the teeth; this debris is full of natural and unnatural sugars and fats. The bad bacteria in our food lives off this debris and then dies, it is then deposited onto the enamel of our teeth and forms a hard material called Tartar. Tartar is the off white deposits that usually lay at the bottom and top of the teeth, sitting initially on the border between the root and the gum line. When this gets out of control it starts to eat away at the protective layers of gum that guard the root, when this happens infections will set in. One of the most devastating consequences is a receding gum line, this exposes the vulnerable part of the enamel and it wears down quite quickly. This will lead to the tooth breaking off and causing us more problems. The bacteria can also leak into the blood system and cause heart and other problems, and all for the sake of a few minutes flossing.