Opting for the right Toothpaste in Molesey

Once you are happy with your toothbrush and it works perfectly for you in Molesey, it’s down to getting the right toothpaste as well. Seems a strange thing to say, but it’s as important. With what’s on the market, the choice can get a tad confusing, so if you are having problems with this, you may like to sound out your dentist for advice first, but essentially, a toothpaste that contains fluoride is a necessary starter The choice of paste you choose can also rely on the state of your teeth and gums and how you use your mouth throughout the day. Sensitive gums require sensitive toothpastes that helps protect the teeth’s enamel and the gums themselves. However if you are a smoker and a connoisseur of red wine, you may require a toothpaste, nay powder that has more abrasive qualities to remove stains. Some pastes are designed to specifically fight plaque. What has become very popular over the recent years is whitening toothpastes and work extremely well- leaving the teeth looking white and healthy. On the other end of the scale, you can buy herbal toothpastes that contain aloe-vera, clove oil, Echinacea and tea tree oil. These properties are recognised as being very efficient in the fight against gum disease. There’s toothpaste out there for every occasion and every condition, and it may be a case of experimenting until you settle for one you like and that works best for your mouth.