Need root canal treatment? Weybridge dentists can help

Your teeth are very strong durable objects, protected by a layer of tough enamel. But unfortunately they can be damaged internally by unforeseen events and this can be problematic. Often a process called root canal treatment is required to sort out any problems with internal damage to teeth.

Problems can occur because teeth are not actually solid blocks. They are hollow and house inside them an amount of important things like nerves, veins and other assorted tissues. The area which they exist in is called the pulp chamber and any damage to this area can require root canal treatment to rectify it. Any accidents affecting the mouth can cause the pulp to become infected or advanced and serious dental decay can lead to an infection in the chamber.

The root canal is often the best way to enter the tooth in the case of these incidents. Rather than drilling through the tooth, your dentist can get access to the pulp chamber by entering through the canal which brings the nerves and veins into your tooth via the root.

It is a complicated procedure which requires x-rays to determine the extent of the damage to the pulp chamber, but it is entirely necessary so that an abscess does not form. In entering the pulp chamber through the root canal, your dentist will be looking to ensure that any infected materials from inside the chamber are effectively removed and disposed of.

Keeping up with your home oral hygiene routine in the advised fashion and being sure to visit your Weybridge dentist every six months, should ensure that you won’t need root canal treatment. But accidents can happen and you should be vigilant for signs of dental pain which might mean that you need the surgery.