Mulberry Dental Care Gives You Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Surrey

There are a lot of ways of whitening your teeth in Surrey, but one of the most comprehensive methods is the Zoom system, details of which you can get from Mulberry dental care. It all took off when it was used in a highly popular make-over program on TV to whiten teeth and suddenly, it was available at most dentists and boy how it worked! It is such a cheap process and very quick; you park your bottom in the chair and then the dentist smothers your teeth in a bleaching gel. A heat source is then fired at your teeth and the whitening begins then you have a couple of more quick blasts and you’re done in 60 minutes. This treatment can alter your teeth with up to 10 different shades and such is the purity of the finish, it completely transforms your mouth- which is why this became so popular so quickly. But not content with showing off how good this treatment was at the dentists, Zoom then upped the stakes and brought out a range of products so that you could do the work at home. They supply the bespoke bleaching trays that fit so well, you can bleach your teeth while you sleep if you so choose! So come on, what you are waiting for, get down to your dentist and ask about Zoom!