Mulberry Dental Care Eases Your Fears of Dentures in Molesey

If many people in Molesey were to be honest- especially the vain ones, one of their greatest fears of getting older would be of tooth loss and the thought of wearing dentures. There are many reasons behind why people lose their teeth, but there are also many reasons why they should be replaced- mainly health reasons. Dentures have received really bad press over the years and in some cases, justifiably so; ill-fitting and horribly fake looking to name a couple. Things however have moved on greatly and dentures actually, are quite brilliant these days. They are made of far better materials that adhere to the mouth a lot better and if you have only lost the odd tooth, having a partial denture is a serious option to consider because they look fabulous, feel great in the mouth and are miles cheaper than other alternatives such as implants and bridges. Full dentures have also taken a leap into the future; again, it’s about the materials that dentures are now made from- so much softer and so much more natural looking. Fixatives have also improved magnificently over the years, but possibly the the greatest aid that has come to the denture wearer is the mini-implant. With five or six of these located into the jaw, they locate into the dentures, clicking them into place and holding them firm and true in the mouth. For all answers to your denture fears, you can contact Mulberry dental care for advice.