Molesley dentists offer effective solutions for the pain of bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are a common problem in the United Kingdom and yet gums seem to get far less attention than teeth. Gums are just as much an important part of your mouth and they deserve to be cared for with just as much diligence. The fact is, gum disease (which bleeding gums can be a sign of) account for more tooth loss than tooth decay itself so it is always worth taking bleeding gums seriously.

There are a number of potential causes for bleeding gums. It is likely that you have a touch of gingivitis, the most common form of gum disease. If this is left to get worse then the bleeding will intensify and you will experience great pain as periodontitis develops. Gingivitis is easily treated and usually just requires you to tighten up your home oral hygiene routine.

If you have just started flossing then you might find that your gums are bleeding because they are not used to having floss dragged over them. Gums are extremely sensitive and need to get used to this process. But the bleeding shouldn’t last for more than the first few times you floss and you should seek advice from your dentist if it does so.

You might even be brushing too hard and causing your gums to bleed as a result. Your dentist might advise you to purchase a brush which has softer bristles so that your brushing is not compromising a part of your mouth that it is supposed to be taking care of.

Quite often bleeding gums are nothing serious but you should always get them checked out by your Molesley dentist in case there is a serious problem lurking that needs to be dealt with.