Molesey dentists are ready and waiting for patients in need of a dental visit

With excellent care of your teeth at home, you should find yourself with a handy set of strong teeth and healthy gums. This will help you to eat, drink and talk with ease and look good too. Even if your standards of home care are excellent, it is still worth your while to visit your local dentist every six months, just to have things checked over by a professional. Find out more about what you can expect at one of these dental visits.

Your dentist will be looking to check every area of your mouth thoroughly to ensure that it is in good health. Your teeth will be examined in detail to check that the enamel is fully intact and not succumbing to the acidic influence of erosion from plaque. The alignment of teeth will be checked too as having misaligned teeth or teeth which are too bunched up might cause bruxism or make cavities more likely. If you are of a certain age then the development of your wisdom teeth will be monitored too.

The gums will be checked over too as their health is paramount for your mouth. Inflamed gums that are experiencing gingivitis can start a process that might end with periodontitis and a substantial risk of tooth loss. If gingivitis seems to be present in the mouth then your dentist might advise you to brush more thoroughly or make sure that you floss. In some cases, antibiotics are prescribed to the patient.

Book an appointment to go and see your Molesley dentist at the next opportunity. Don’t be embarrassed if it has been a while since you last had a check up.