Molesey adores the Inman Aligner

Wouldn’t it be just super when you look at those crooked front teeth in your mouth, if you could just close your eyes, wish your teeth straight and when you open them again, they are? Well, that dream is a lot closer than you think, thanks to the Inman aligner because this device may not do it as quickly as closing your eyes, but it will straighten those teeth in as little as 6 weeks for you! It truly is an amazing little gadget and the reason it works so fast is because of the philosophy behind its unique design. If you can get your teeth loosened gently, then they will be open to persuasion to move in anyway you want them too, and quickly, and this is what the Inman does. It is built to fit your mouth exactly and it comes in the form of a plate with two springs either side of it at the back. From these, a wire wraps around the outside of your teeth, while a bar pushes against the inside and it is these opposing force that loosens your teeth up and then pulls them into place. Now this is not normal and when you take the aligner for the last time (it is a removable device throughout the treatment), your teeth will want to spring back, so you’ll need a retainer until your teeth bed-in to their new position. If this catches your eye, you should get in touch with Mulberry dental care of Walton for more advice, as they serve the Molesey area.