Missing teeth effectively replaced with several dental implants in Weybridge

Dental implants have been providing a popular solution to tooth loss for a number of years now and many patients are becoming increasingly interested in them as a way to get teeth replaced. There are a number of options available if you are missing teeth and you should take the time to consider which is best for you and your life, dental implants is one of these options.

One of the reasons that dental implants have been growing in popularity and prominence is that they are an incredible permanent and reliable way to sort out your tooth loss issues. Once a dental implant has been placed in the mouth you really won’t even have to think about the fact it is there. This is because a dental implant essentially replicates the function of your lost root. It is just like a socket really and your dentist can ‘screw’ a replacement tooth into it.

The implant itself is strategically placed right against your jaw bone, under your gum so that they will fuse together. This ‘osseointegration’, as it is called, is one of the best aspects of dental implants and why many people opt for it. But you needn’t only consider dental implants if you have just one missing tooth. Several dental implants can be placed at once to replace several lost teeth. If you have lost a number of your teeth then your dentist can place several implants in the correct positions which can then support a bridge of replacement teeth.

To have dental implants placed requires surgery which will be too invasive for some but talk to your dentist and you might find that dental implants are just the solution for your missing teeth that you have been looking for.