Management and Treatment of Cold Sores in Surbiton

Approximately 1 out of 5 individuals in the United Kingdom suffers from recurring cold sores. Known to be caused by HSV 1 or herpes simplex virus type 1, this oral condition is characterized by a tiny, painful and fluid-filled blister usually located on the lips. Your Surbiton dentist can provide you with the proper dental care to effectively manage and treat cold sores.

In most cases, the virus is contracted during early childhood, around 3 – 5 years of age. The symptoms usually appear after the individual reached puberty and the primary infection exhibit the following:

• Tingling sensation on the area where the blister will appear
• Appearance of fluid-filled blisters
• Sores become covered with scabs after 8-10 days

Most individuals experience recurrence of cold sores especially at times when the body’s defences are low due to, for instance, a cold. Other things you can do to prevent its reactivation include:

• Washing hands when touching lips
• Avoiding contact with the blisters
• Preventing the spread of the virus by picking at the blisters
• Having a healthy lifestyle to strengthen immune system

If you think you have cold sores, you can always go to the nearest dentist to have them checked out. Diagnosis will usually involve physical examination of the blisters as well as confirmation via blood test.

It is important to treat cold sores to minimize spread of the virus that can lead to other health problems. Your Surbiton dentist can offer you several treatment options including:

• Ointment (aciclovir or penciclovir)
• Anti HSV-agents for recurring cold sores

With the right diagnosis and treatment, cold sores can be easily managed. Simply follow your dentist’s advice in order to avoid any complications.