Making bad breath a thing of the past. A Molesey dentist advises

There used to an advert on the T.V. many years ago that told us;”even your best friend won’t tell you, you have bad breath” and it was true. It was then, and still is now, an embarrassing thing to bring up in conversation says a Molesey dentist. It is caused by many things we do and don’t do, smoking for one, then there`s drinking and eating food with garlic in it. However, the most common cause is the lack of oral care when we clean our teeth in the morning and last thing at night. We need to also take care to clean our teeth during the daytime, especially after a fast food meal. These meals have so much sugar and fat in them, it’s a wonder we haven’t all lost our teeth by now. No matter how well our teeth look and feel, they all have gaps in between them and it is in here that danger lurks in the form of bacteria that makes acid. It lives off all that fat and sugar, and when we consume it, we also loss our Insulin levels which dries our mouths out and helps the acid production. Drink water throughout the day and night and this will help enormously, we also need to keep away from those bad fast food joints, the cost of a burger meal may be cheap, but it will prove expensive in the long run with higher dental bills, and days off work through dental problems.