Let a Sunbury Dentist Take Care of Your TMJ Disorder

If you often have headaches, you may be surprised to find that the cause is located in the jaw joints, or TMJ. Today, your Sunbury dentist can diagnose these kinds of disorders, as well as give you some treatment options. Without a question, if you have ever done anything to throw your neck or facial bones out of alignment, you may also find that the TMJ area was also affected.

Unfortunately, many people that are involved in automobile accidents do not realize that their jaw joints may have been affected by the collision. Regardless of whether or not you were hit in the face with an airbag, whiplash can affect the muscles and bones in your neck. This, in turn, can also cause a dislocation in the jaw area. Therefore, if your jaws start making a popping sound after you are in an accident, it may be best to see a dentist.

Chances are, you would be amazed at the number of disorders that can be caused by damage to the jaw joint. For example, if the joint is no longer aligned properly, you may experience constant ear congestion. In some cases, you may also wind up with a great deal of pain in your cheeks, and other parts of your face.

Even though you may think that there is nothing wrong with your jaw joints, it will be of some help to have a dentist examine them. Typically, if there is a problem in this area, your dentist will be able to find it, as well as recommend some useful procedures. At the very least, if TMJ disorders are causing pain in other parts of your body, you will be much better off treating the problem at its source.