Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists offer amazing results with Six Months Smile treatment

Already very popular in the United States of America, Six Months Smile can correct crooked teeth quickly and efficiently. Traditional braces which would normally be used sometimes require the patient to wear them for as long as three years. As the name suggests, Six Months Smile rectifies problems with crooked teeth, overcrowding, overbite and spacing in just six months, as incredible advance in dentistry.

Despite this amazing reduction in treatment time, Six Months Smile costs about half the amount of traditional braces. This is another bonus to add to the fact that treatment time is around a quarter of that of traditional braces.

Many people are put off the idea of wearing braces because of the unsightly metal brackets and wires which are attached to the teeth. Six Months Smile uses only nickel titanium wires which are not only incredible durable but can actually be matched to colour of your teeth. This makes them far more discreet and might well be favoured by youngsters who are experiencing enough social awkwardness as it is.

The Six Months Smile treatment works by seeing your dentist every month or so. At these appointments he or she will make adjustments so that your teeth are being moved into the desired positions. If you have a busy schedule, don’t worry as these meetings with your dentist will take only about a quarter of an hour.

Don’t be ashamed of your smile any more as crooked or over crowded teeth can be rectified in just six months using the effective, convenient and discreet method offered by Six Months Smile. Talk to your Kingston-Upon-Thames dentist today to see if Six Months Smile is suitable for you.