Kingston-Upon-Thames dentists help put a stop to teeth grinding during sleep

The act of grinding your teeth during sleep is properly known as bruxism. It is as common as snoring in the United Kingdom and needs to be dealt with because of the effects it can have on the oral health of the sufferer.

Many experts believe that stress is a major factor in teeth grinding during sleep. Dentists also offer faulty alignment of teeth as a potential cause. It is always worth reporting suspected teeth grinding to your dentist so that your mouth can be examined.

Grinding your teeth in your sleep can lead to problems in your mouth. It is possible that the sustained pressure placed in your teeth will lead to one or more of them becoming cracked, chipped or even worn down. It is desirable that this is not allowed to happen so that procedures to correct these problems are avoided. These procedures can be time consuming and costly so it is best to simply eliminate teeth grinding in the first place.

Your dentist can examine your mouth to attempt to find a cause for your teeth grinding. If it is determined that stress is the likely cause then you might be referred to a mental health specialist. If teeth alignment is designated as the cause then your dentist can easily fit you a mouth guard to stop your teeth from having to take the strain of grinding during the night.

Teeth grinding during sleep might not seem like a major issue but it can cause inconvenient problems with, not just your teeth, but also your jaw and face too. Contact your Kingston-Upon-Thames dentist today for more information about teeth grinding during sleep and how to stop it.