Kingston upon Thames dentists can perform quick, easy and painfree dental bonding

Dental bonding is the procedure in which material, usually tooth coloured resin, is applied and ‘bonded’ to a person’s tooth to restore the appearance of the tooth or smile.

The process can be used to repair cracked of chipped teeth, to close spaces up between the teeth, to improve the look of discoloured teeth, to change the shape or appearance of teeth or to protect exposed areas of the teeth.

It is one of the easiest and least costly of the cosmetic dental procedures as unlike veneers or crowns bonding does not need to be manufactured in laboratory conditions but can usually be accomplished in one office visit to the dentist, unless it involves a number of teeth. It is mostly undertaken without the need for anaesthetics, unless a cavity is being filled around a nerve.

Dental bonding does resist staining, although it is not as effective as crowns in this department. Also, although tough it does not last quite as long as other dental repairs and can chip and crack itself. For this reason it is viewed by dentists as ideal for smaller repairs.

As mentioned there is little preparation needed for dental bonding. The dentist will select a shade to closely match the colour of your existing teeth and then apply the resin and mould it to the desired shape. A special light or laser is then used to set the resin and harden it. The whole process will take little more than an hour to complete. This simple process can be performed by a Kingston upon Thames dentist easily, cheaply and free of pain and then you really will have a reason to smile