Kick Dental Decay into Touch in Surbiton

If you’ve been rather bad of late in Surbiton, missed dental appointments and been rather frugal with your oral hygiene, you are at risk to exposing your teeth to decay. It normally starts by plaque acid eating away at the tooth’s enamel and forming a cavity. If left to carry on, the cavity will eat its way deeper into the tooth, through the pulp and into the roots. The problem with tooth decay is that it is cunning, and you may not realize that you are suffering from it until it starts to cause pain or worse, form an abscess. If you’re a regular at your dentist, they will be able to detect this at an early stage and simply administer a filling. But if you’ve ignored a regular check-up and the problem is well advanced, at best you may be able to save the tooth with a root canal, at worse the tooth may have to be removed all together. Then you’re into implants and bridges to ensure the rest of your mouth doesn’t suffer the same fate. Keeping your teeth clean is the key to fighting the problem to ensure that any sugary or starchy foods are kept off the teeth’s enamel, because these are the worst for promoting the bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay in the first place.