It only takes 6 Months to smile again in Molesey

What a person really wants to know when they find out they have to wear braces is ‘how long will it take and how ugly will I look’ and for some people that is an important factor as on average, the treatment can last for up to a couple of years and braces don’t have a reputation of looking pretty either. But they work damn well so just say you could retain their efficiency but shave time off the treatment whilst avoiding looking like an electricity pylon in the process- you’d go for that eh? Well, in Molesey right now is a device which ticks all the boxes- the 6 Months Smile. Steeped in the tradition of the braces we all are familiar with, this device takes on all those principles and brings them up to date. Once it is fitted, it is constantly being adjusted by your dentist so that your teeth move quickly. Okay, it is a fixed brace and you have to be attentive when cleaning it, but the beauty of this device is two-fold. Firstly it does the treatment in 6 months, which for all of us is a godsend, but whilst fixing your teeth, it will do it discreetly. The device is made from tooth colored ceramic plates which are placed on the surfaces of the offending teeth and joined together by a thin discreet wire which is attached to the teeth at the back of the mouth. Overall, it is difficult to detect in the mouth and for what it costs, it is an absolute delight.