Opting for Invisalign in Weybridge: Mulberry Dental Care spills the beans

Having your teeth re-aligned is never an easy period in life, especially in your early years at school, but if you do your homework through Mulberry Dental Care of serve the area, you may be wildly surprised with what you discover, because available in Weybridge right now is a treatment that you will win your heart over- Invisalign: this works, acts and looks like no other brace or aligner does. To get with the programme, you will first need a couple of digital x-rays taken to see if this is going to work for you and if it does, you will be able to see how your teeth will move and get some idea of how they will look in the end too. Once your details have been recorded, sent away and the first of many aligners made, the course can begin. What you will realise from the start are the benefits of Invisalign, the most obvious being that it is made from a transparent plastic that when fitted to the teeth, is pretty hard for anyone to spot….it’s almost invisible! If that isn’t enough, the aligner is also removable, so there are no added problems when it comes to cleaning your teeth on a daily basis. Finally, seeing as your aligner is changed regularly to keep your teeth moving all the time, it means they move three times faster than what most other treatments can offer you today!