How Molesey can get your smile back with Dental Implants

There are some dental procedures that were stuck in a world for those that could afford having it done because it was so exclusive: the placement of dental implants was one such treatment. The reason for this was that the treatment was extremely complex and only a few dentists dared do it. All the treatment lacked in the past was the technology to make it efficient. Now though, thanks to lasers, computers and digital imaging, fitting an implant is as easy as any other dental operation and you can be in and out of the dentists in a day and raring to go. The basics of implants hasn’t changed mind: it involves the placement of a small titanium rod into the jaw so that a fitting can be attached onto it; as with any foreign body that is placed into the system, it isn’t just about the healing process- which happens quickly these days which modern implant technology- your body does need time to adjust. But once your implant is in, it will outlast you. It is strong and free from infections that a normal root of a tooth is prone to suffering from. It may sound quite scary to some people, but in reality, the operation is simple and painless and an implant will give you back an incredible amount of oral freedom. If you want to know more, contact Mulberry Dental- they work in the Molesey area and can support you if you decide to go for this treatment.