How is Teeth Grinding Treated? Shepperton Dentist Has the Answers.

Most frequently a symptom of stress, grinding your teeth can cause serious long term damage to your teeth. In the long term the best cure is to learn how to manage your stress levels, lower stress normally equals less grinding. Whether it’s taking up meditation, deep breathing exercises or simply giving yourself a bit of time to relax each day, removing stress from your life will be good for mental and physical health.

But dealing with stress is often easier said than done. In the short term you need your teeth grinding treated quickly before severe damage is caused. Your Shepperton dentist will be able to help you with reducing damage. A lot of people grind their teeth during sleep, where it obviously cannot be solved purely with self-control. The best and most common method used to deal with this is a special mouth guard. These will place a softer plastic or rubber barrier in between your upper and lower sets of teeth, stopping the grinding teeth from wearing away at each other. Modern mouth guards can be comfortable and relatively inconspicuous.

Wearing a mouth guard while addressing the underlying causes of teeth grinding will greatly reduce any damage done to your teeth. Grinding varies in pressure levels between people, but even a gentle grinding will over time wear away the enamel as the two hard surfaces of the teeth constant scrap at each other. Your local dentist will be able to help you with finding the perfect mouth guard and offer other advice for dealing with teeth grinding, contact them today for help.