How can dentures help you? The facts by a Surbiton dentist

Dentures are a really good invention and probably one of the most practicable ones ever, says a Surbiton dentist. Dentures were about as far back as the Egyptians; even the Native Americans had them which were fashioned out of sea shells. Benjamin Franklin the American statesman had a famous pair made of wood. In the past they have been made out of ivory, non-ferrous metals and even animals teeth. Although there is no connection between the materials, the wearers all have one thing in common, and that is the fact they give the wearer a great confidence boost. Not only do dentures have a practical use in allowing the wearer to eat food in a normal fashion, but they also make the person feel human again. Some denture owners have had a life time of bad teeth, the problems range from stained teeth to crooked ones, gapped teeth to chipped and misaligned ones. The cost of fixing these problem have been the main reason that most over 60 year olds have suffered in the past, some patients have even gone to the extreme and had healthy teeth extracted to be replaced by dentures. They just simply glue in the top and bottom of the mouth and feel like real teeth to the wearer, they have even been known to correct people’s wonky smiles. The cost of dentures is also a major factor in people choosing them, as opposed to them having dental implants. These are false teeth just the same, but instead of being on a plate they are screwed into the jaw to act just as a natural tooth would. A bridge is another form of denture, this is a tooth that is attached to two other teeth, they are anchored to a tooth either side of the gap requiring the false tooth.