Have your teeth restored with dental ceramics at a Shepperton dental practice

Dental ceramics have been used in modern dentistry for quite some time and are the best way to get the most out of your dental restorative treatment and can be carried out at any local Shepperton dental practice. Currently ceramics are used in modern dentistry for a variety of procedures and are becoming more popular due to a number of reasons such as; Biocompatibility, aesthetics, durability and relative ease of customisation. Firstly the use of ceramics is becoming more popular when performing fillings, usually and in the past fillings have been made from silver, mercury and tin amalgams. Now resin based filling materials filled with 35-85% ceramic fillers like quartz or silicate glasses are increasing in use and popularity, also all-ceramic onlays, inlays, are also becoming more popular due to their increased durability. Ceramics are also being made using computer aided systems which are becoming more popular allowing dentists to machine dental blanks to suit individual patients and fit them in the same visit increasing productivity. Other applications that are increasingly using ceramics are veneers and crowns, which are made by using porcelain fused to metal (PFM) materials which contain varying amounts of crystallised leucite. All-ceramic veneers are also increasing in use but are coated with porcelain to match other teeth like colour. Another procedure that uses PFM ceramics is a dental implant, where an implant made from titanium is fixed to the jaw bone and a porcelain crown is fixed to the implant. Most recently ceramics are used in orthodontic brackets due to their aesthetic properties, polycrystalline alumina is the most widely used material for this procedure.