Have dental work done with pampering at a Sunbury dental spa

Dental spas refer to a specialist dental practice that is run by a licensed dentist in which dental treatment is offered alongside luxury spa like treatments. This type of spa dentistry offer an array of services not typically associated with dental practice, and if they are they’re usually to do with beautification such as teeth whitening, these treatments include; reflexology, paraffin wax hand treatments, massage therapy, botox, facials and many other therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments. In the town of Sunbury such dental spas can be found and offer a range of treatments catering to the needs of today’s beauty focused world. There are today many variations and adaptations of the dental spa concept however most combine dentistry and pampering as I mentioned previously, such variations are; faux dental spas which do little more than add luxurious items such as flat screen TVs, cookies and smoothies, then there are dental med spas which combine dental practices with plastic surgeons, hair salons, spa treatment and other beautification therapists.