Grinning your way through the 6 Months Smile in Weybridge

We are rather spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a method to get our teeth straightened. But, if you start to scratch below the glitzy surface of the advertising spiel, you will find that many of them are designed work on specific areas of the mouth. The 6 Months Smile however, is the complete package, addressing gaps, overcrowding and all biting complications in the mouth. Your brace will be manufactured in the USA a series of photo’s and x-rays of your mouth, taken here in Weybridge. When it is fitted on it’s return, a number of discreet, tooth-coloured are placed on the surface of the teeth and connected by a thin wire. This is anchored at the back of the mouth. As the treatment begins, you will return to the dentist at regular intervals to have ensure the brace is clean and then to have the wire tightened to keep the pressure on the plates and to keep each individual tooth on the move. It works fast, well it’s in the title- 6 months minimum; compared to most treatments around, that’s incredibly quick. But unlike most other rapid treatments on offer, this device doesn’t take advantage and charge the earth just because of its efficiency, it’s very reasonably priced for the work it does.