Getting your mouth smiling again with a Dental Bridge in Surbiton

Some people in Surbiton consider a gap in the mouth as quite sexy and tough- whatever turns you on eh? But on a more serious theme, losing a tooth can also be quite dangerous to the health of your mouth. It all leans towards just where you have lost the tooth as whether or not it will be threatening the rest of your mouth. If it is in the middle of others, the surrounding teeth can start to move and then your mouth is vulnerable to evils of tooth decay and gum disease. Getting a dental bridge fitted when you find yourself in this position can irradiate such problems arising and it’s easy too. The Maryland Bridge spans across the gap, as the new tooth is bonded between crowns that are then cemented over the prepared adjacent teeth. It is a superb little fitting that will plug the ‘hole’ and give you the freedom to smile again. If you have lost a tooth at the back of your mouth, and there is only one tooth to work with, a cantilever bridge will be key to getting a tooth fitted- it may sound complex with its wires and resin, but it will restore the way your mouth works. Any bridge work comes with the fact that you are going to be pretty astute in the way you clean your teeth from the moment you have one fitted, but this is small fry once you get the hang of it and the benefits that a bridge give to your teeth in the long run are just so rewarding.