Getting a 6 Months Smile in Molesey

Don’t be fooled that just because you maybe getting on a bit that you are no longer eligible to get your teeth fixed by wearing a brace. Ok, this may sound like a long drawn out process which you simply couldn’t be done with at your time of life. But in Molesey, there’s a treatment around that can sort out your teeth in half a year- hence its title, the ‘6 Months Smile’. Like most thing oral, the design comes from America and is designed more for the adult market, attacking all the obvious orthodontic problems that happen in the mouth, such as overcrowding, teeth that stick out or miss when you bite, and gaps. If after a series of tests and x-rays you’re deemed suitable for the treatment, your brace is then made up across the pond, and then shipped back to you to be fitted. Small white brackets are attached to the offending teeth by a wire that is kept in constant tension by your dentist, who you see at regular visits throughout the programme. This constant tension works quickly and efficiently and allows you to plan your course around your year with the least amount of fuss. It’s also a lot cheaper than its competitors, making it one of the most popular choices for adults around today.