Fixed dental bridge from Surbiton dentist replaces missing teeth

A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthetic used to fill a hole caused by a missing tooth. Unlike many other dental devices used to repair missing teeth, such as partial dentures, a dental bridge is not removable and is cemented to adjacent teeth often using dental crowns.

Bridges are recommended by dentists to fill holes left by missing teeth. Teeth can be lost for a number of reasons ranging from dental trauma causing a tooth to be knocked out to teeth lost due to dental decay. Gaps caused by missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to rotate and shift into the vacant spaces. This causes an imbalance in bite which can lead to painful jaw conditions known as TMJ.

Bridges are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth using artificial teeth supported by crowns to span the gap. The adjacent healthy teeth used as a base for the crowns are known as abutments, which support the artificial bridging teeth called pontics. Bridges and crowns can be made from a number of materials but the most authentic is probably porcelain with some composite resin bonding. This is durable and strong and can be matched to the colour of exiting teeth.

A dental bridge from a Surbiton dentist can last a lifetime if properly maintained but they can on occasion break or come loose. It is important to have regular check ups with a dentist to assess the condition of the bridge and address the need for any repairs.