Fighting dental decay in Weybridge

Dental decay in Weybridge affects almost all of us at some point in our lives. If you’ve had a filling, you’ve had dental decay and it’s more commonly caused by a combination of diet and poor oral hygiene. The consumption of foods with a high content of starch and sugars are the main protagonists that can cause plaque to form on the teeth. If not removed, it will start to breakdown the outer layer of the tooth and form cavities and this can lead to expensive repair work such as root canals and the fitting of crowns; worst case scenario is the loss of the tooth, which is even more costly to replace. Dental decay can also lead to gum disease and other health issues throughout the body such as heart problems and even pneumonia. Yet, it seems ridiculous to think that it’s the easiest of conditions to prevent. Regular visits to the dentists should be a high priority as it’s the chance to clear any plaque or build up of tartar from around the teeth in a single visit. But it’s also the perfect opportunity for you to discuss a programme of oral hygiene and a diet of nutrients and vitamins that will help protect the teeth. Brushing and flossing are important, as is the right choice of brush and toothpaste. Combined with a good mouthwash it should be enough to fight any dental decay until you’re next visit to the dentist.