Fabulous Fluoride and your Toothpaste in Molesey

There are some people in the dental world that would not exactly refer to fluoride as being fabulous, yet it is still being used in vast quantities in our everyday lives, from water to toothpastes. The thing about this mineral is that it is toxic: too much of the stuff has been proven to be terminal in some children and over use in later life can lead to what is termed fluorosis- this is where deposits are found throughout the brain. Strangely, it can also cause problems of discolouration in the teeth: in some countries, the use of fluoride has been banned altogether. The thing is though, even though it has these negative factors attached to it, fluoride is very good for the enamel of the teeth. It enriches it and gives it extra strength, proven to help in the fight against tooth decay and also reduces the amount of eroding acids that emanate from bacteria, which is why the majority of toothpastes still use it. Used in moderation, fluoride seems to win the day when it comes to toothpaste, but everyone has a right to know the facts either way. So if you have your own concerns, you should talk to the people at Mulberry Dental Care of Walton who will offer their services the Molesey area.