Explore the possibilities of cosmetic dentistry at Shepperton dentist

When something happens to your teeth that causes pain or discomfort, such as dental trauma during an accident or tooth decay, your dentist will be able to discover the root of the problem and offer treatment to alleviate the pain and protect your teeth from further damage. However, there are other occasions when there is technically nothing wrong with your teeth but simply their appearance is causing you anxiety. This is when your Shepperton dentist could employ a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments to restore the appearance of your smile.

Common complaints that patients make about their teeth include issues with their colour, alignment and, size and shape of gum tissue. All of these and many other complaints can be corrected with a variety of procedures ranging from affordable to expensive and simple to very complex.

For example, teeth that have lost their colour or are affected by discolouration can be treated in a number of ways. Tooth whitening treatments are perhaps the best known of all the cosmetic treatments because of how simple and affordable they are. A special gel is applied to the teeth, which reacts with the tooth enamel, bleaching it whiter to make it look more natural and healthy. Discoloured teeth can also be treated with dental bonding or, in some cases, with a set of porcelain veneers.

New dental technology such as digital x-rays and dental lasers have broadened the limits of possibility in cosmetic dentistry to the point that there are now very few cases, if any, of teeth that could not be almost completely restored with a certain amount of work. It is also possible to have cosmetic treatments carried out on the gums using a dental laser to sculpt the tissue to look more attractive. This is called gum contouring and can have just as much of an impact on the teeth as a complete set of veneers. Ask your dentist fro more information about which procedure are available.