Experience the stunning results of teeth whitening at Molesey dentist

Of all the cosmetic dentistry procedures available from Molesey dentists, it is teeth whitening that is always the most popular. There is something about a set of white, healthy teeth that seems to indicate health and well-being and even youth. Teeth whitening used to be an expensive treatment reserved only for the rich and famous but now a Hollywood smile is within reach of everyone as the prices have come down dramatically in the last ten years.

Teeth whitening treatments start from as little as £200 for a short one off treatment but it is possible to have more intensive courses lasting as long as two weeks, which will give a more comprehensive and successful treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments work by applying an active gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the surface of the teeth in specially made trays. This substance seeps into the tooth enamel and bleaches it white, making the teeth a more uniform and even colour.

There are few drawbacks to teeth whitening and even fewer side effects. Some patients may experience slightly sensitive teeth for a few days after the treatment but this is rarely more than a mild discomfort. It is also suitable for use on most patients with very few exceptions, although some patients undergoing other medical treatment may be excluded.

Although it is possible to buy teeth whitening kits over the counter, it is always advised that you have the treatment carried out by a trained dentist for safety and for the best results. You can find out more about teeth whitening treatments from your Molesey dentist at your next check up appointment.