End anxiety of missing teeth with dentures from Surbiton dentist

Losing some or all of your teeth is not a very pleasant thing to happen. Whether it is due to some kind of physical trauma or as the result of tooth decay or gum disease, it can be the source of great anxiety and embarrassment. Having missing teeth can also have repercussions for your health, as gum tissue can be worn away leading to further suffering. For most patients with missing teeth, the only real alternative is to have a set of dentures fitted. This will not only restore the aesthetic appearance of the teeth and face but will also allow patient to eat, drink and talk without difficulty.

The idea of dentures may not suit some patients but modern dentures are far improved from the unrealistic and unwieldy dentures of the past. There are also new methods and ways of keeping your dentures attached in the mouth that remove the anxiety of loose dentures common to many wearers.

A good fitting set of dentures should really fit without the need for additional support. Loose fitting dentures are often due to gum erosion so some patients may opt to have a series of mini-implants to act as a base onto which to clip the dentures.

Dentures should be cleaned just like natural teeth, with a brush, and are usually removed at night. If you are considering wearing dentures as the result of losing some or all of your teeth, make an appointment to discuss your possibilities with a Surbiton dentist. Making the right choice of dentures will help you to put behind you the anxiety of losing teeth and allow you to move on with your life doing all the things you used to be able to do with your own teeth.