Early treatment is the best cure for tooth abscess at Weybridge dentist

Tooth abscesses usually occur as a result of complications due to tooth decay but they can also be the result of a trauma to the teeth such as when a tooth is chipped or cracked. The abscess itself is a collection of pus that is caused by a bacterial infection.

When tiny openings are caused in the enamel of the tooth, either due to decay or a fracture, bacteria is allowed to infiltrate deeper and deeper into the tooth, eventually reaching the pulp at its centre. The infection is then bombarded with white blood cells which decay and along with the other matter in the tooth cause an abscess to develop and swelling in the tissues around it.

Tooth abscesses are usually signaled first by a toothache, but in severe cases, when the root has already been destroyed the patient might not be able to feel any pain at all, even though the abscess is still growing. The abscess is capable of spreading the infection to other teeth and gums in the mouth, which can cause large and uncomfortable swelling. It is for this reason that it is always necessary to see a dentist even when the pain appears to have gone away.

The toothache most commonly experienced in tandem with an abscess is a continuous throbbing or knowing pain. Other associated symptoms include a bitter taste in the mouth, a foul odour emanating from the mouth, nausea or a feeling of generally being unwell and sensitivity to extremities of temperature when eating.

Common home remedies for tooth abscess include swilling salt water and taking over the counter pain remedies. A Weybridge dentist may prescribe antibiotics to fight the infection. In more serious cases they might need to remove the whole root of the tooth in a procedure known as root canal surgery, which can often be quite painful. In extreme circumstances a hospital visit may be necessary.

In all instances it is best if the infection is caught early. So if you think you may have a tooth abscess, make an appointment to see a Weybridge dentist today.