Discuss amalgams with a Weybridge town dentist

Discuss and find out all the information needed about amalgams with a Weybridge dental consultant. A dental amalgam is widely used in the field of dental restoration and is the most popular and commonly used material used for fillings. It is a composition of a variety of metals, chiefly containing mercury with a combination of other metals. It remains the material of choice due to the fact that its cost of manufacture is very low along with a number of other factors such as its strength, longevity, durability, bacteriostatic effects (its ability to stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria), and its ease of application. There are however a number of issues that have led to a decline in its use as of late in a number of countries. First aesthetically it is very different in terms of colour from the teeth due to its metallic composition so it does not blend whatsoever, making it a concern for a potential patient whom wants a filling that is unnoticeable particularly in the front teeth. This however is often addressed through the use of alternative restorative materials such as composite resins. In addition to this there is the fact that the amalgam is made from mercury a toxic metal which raises issues in two areas, first environmentally due to the hazardous emissions created during its creation and from its waste created during cremations. Secondly there is the fact that those whom have amalgams will be exposed to a daily dose of this toxic metal which has widely been a topic of debate since its inception. However there are a number of studies which have investigated and concluded that those who would experience effects of toxicity would be due to hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction and that amalgams are safe and effective for tooth restoration. However it is advised that those such as pregnant women or renal patients should not have amalgam fillings.