Digital x-rays in Weybridge

Dental X-rays in Weybridge are a very important procedure in dentistry. They can help a dentist to make a precise diagnosis on any problem that arises in the mouth, hence allowing the patient to get the precise treatment. X-rays can highlight hidden horrors. They can reveal the extent of problems such as tooth decay (cavities), bone-loss due to disease, check the growth of teeth, the condition of the mouth’s occlusion or ‘bite’, and continue to monitor any previous work done. But traditional X-rays could be cumbersome, utilising film images that needed developing and took up storage room, and exposed the patient to radiation. However, like most things these days, computers and new digital imaging have changed all that with the introduction of the digital X-rays. It’s a similar process in theory, yet the big difference is that once a picture has been taken, it can be viewed immediately and then stored on a computer and it’s even used in conjunction with old X-ray images. What this means for the dentist and the patient is that a diagnosis can be made on the spot allowing treatment to begin immediately. In real terms, this can mean eradicating problems before they get started a lot more quickly- which can only mean good news for the patient.