Digital X-rays; are the as good as the old type ones. A Surbiton dentist explains

X-rays allow the doctor or dentist to see beyond what the eye can see, they have been used for decades to assist in seeing broken bones and growths within the body, says a Surbiton dentist. Dentists have only had them a short while compared to the general medical community, and this was mostly due to the size of the machines. These days we live in the space age, and everything is that much smaller; yet just as effective. Being digital the X-ray that is taken uses a fraction of the radiation the film X-ray does. The image is captured on a sensor and transferred to a computer, that way it becomes instantly visible and viewable. It can be turned around and even made into a 3D image that spins; this reveals a lot more information than the old method of using film. Most of the image is colour coded; this allows the dentist to see where and what the exact problem is. Digital X-rays are used in every aspect of dentistry today, from identifying infections to getting dimensions that will be used to make false teeth and veneers. The usage is limitless; it also helps to keep down the cost of cosmetic dentistry as well as having a positive impact on the environment. Most systems are so powerful that they will pick up and identify even the tiniest of infections within a filling or a deep cavity within a tooth. The image produced can be made into a computer generated image; this will allow you to see what a tooth or dental procedure will look like even before you start the treatment. So next time you`re at the dentist ask them if they use digital X-rays.