Dentures in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Even the less vain among us in Kingston-Upon-Thames would have to admit that the thought of losing all our teeth and having to be fitted with dentures, would come not only as terrible shock, but would mean a complete lifestyle change as well. Coupled with the stigma that dentures bring, it could have a terrible, psychological ‘one foot in the grave’ affect on most of us. Yes, dentures do mean a lifestyle change to some degree, but having them fitted can also improve lifestyle incredibly. Our fore fathers would be in awe of the way dentures are used nowadays. Not only are dentures useful for retaining the shape of the face and the health of the mouth and jaws, but they do allow us to, pretty much, carry on as normal. Dentures and what the materials they are manufactured from have become more refined, as has the way of way they are retained in the mouth- one of the greatest fears for anyone that wears them. Fix-a-dents and mini implants ensure that they stay put, allowing even the toughest of steaks to be tackled in a restaurant. Dental procedures in the past would advocate the removal of all teeth at the first sign of any serious gum disease, but that philosophy has died a death. Most dentists are against a complete removal of teeth, trying to retain at least some, so that partial dentures have an extra anchor to attach themselves to, thus allowing the wearer more freedom.