Dentures fitted by Weybridge dentists are comfortable and convenient

The experience of losing all of your teeth can be a very traumatic one indeed. But you will need to replicate the functions of your teeth in some way so that you can chew your food and speak intelligibly so that others can understand you. Dental implants have become a very popular method of doing so because of their permanence, but you should not forget the tried and trusted denture as a way of replicating teeth.

If you think that dentures are just for the elderly and are uncomfortable and inconvenient, think again. Modern dentures are far more comfortable and give the wearer a much better experience. This is partly due to the fact that they are constructed individually for the wearer now rather than simply being mass produced. Wearing dentures that are tailored to the shape and contours of your gums is far more pleasurable experience and there is much less chance of them slipping out of your mouth.

Dentures tend to be made from materials such as valplast, which ensures that they are effectively ‘friction-free’. The fact that dentures are removable means that they can, of course, slip out but that is also a bonus for some. If you are thinking about having dental implants but not sure about the invasive surgery and the cost, dentures can always be worn as a temporary measure while you make up your mind.

If you want to get beyond the unhelpful stereotypes pertaining to dentures then you could do worse than talk to your Weybridge dentist. It is likely that they will have fitted a great many patients with dentures and they can go into greater detail about what is involved with them.