Dentures can be easier to get along with than you think. Says a Kingston upon Thames dentist

Dentures are becoming less favourable as more modern methods of giving us new teeth when we lose our natural ones, says a Kingston upon Thames dentist. Losing our teeth causes all sorts of problems for us, eating and smiling being just the top two. The maintenance is also high with special cleaning fluids and denture glue. A lot of people also find them impossible to wear, and go for more expensive alternatives like dental implants and bridges. These days though, the design of dentures and the materials used are much more scientific than they used to be. Unlike the old National Health braces and glasses, dentures are now more sophisticated and comfortable to wear and look after. Making them is much quicker as well, with the help of digital X-rays and photos that are scanned into computers. This gives the orthodontist more detailed material to work with, and they can even create a 3D computer generated image to show you what they will eventually look like, even before they`ve started making them. Cleaning fluids are now much cheaper as well, and with the new formulas they don`t require so much to keep them clean and sterile. They even have dentures that you can clean with a brush, just like your own natural teeth, although you do need to keep them sterile for hygiene purposes. Some patients are even opting to have all their existing teeth taken out and replaced once and for all with modern dentures, with new research and designs this procedure is now down to a few weeks for most patients. See your dentist in the first instance and seek their advice on dentures for your particular situation.